Programs Streetscape


Creating a clean, beautiful and inviting environment is a significant part of the Downtown District’s efforts. From lighting the street and pedestrian walkways to caring for the flowerpots and landscape beds, the streetscape program focuses on adding vibrancy and pops of color to the streets of Downtown.


The District designed and continues to expand, improve and support the operation of a street/pedestrian light system that has significantly increased the quality of lighting on Downtown’s sidewalks and streets



The Downtown District manages the wayfinding signs throughout Downtown Houston. These signs identify directions to the various districts, landmarks, attractions, adjacent neighborhoods and highways in the area.



The purpose of the Downtown Banner Program is to add color and excitement to Downtown as well as create a sense of place. The Downtown District manages the banner program on behalf of the City of Houston. Banners, as referred to in the attached document, are an outdoor display that is placed, erected or fastened to a street light standard owned and maintained by an electric utility or by the Downtown District (located in the public right of way).


The banner program is guided by the City of Houston’s Code of Ordinances (Section 40-30) which states that banners are to be used to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of Downtown. Banners shall be used for noncommercial and nonpolitical purposes only and shall use a word or words only as a part of an artistic composition. (Banners are not meant to be used as an advertisement of a business, a product or other private or personal message).

  • The Code of Ordinances has been amended relating to permitting the use of banners for certain conventions and large-scale events.
  • If you are a non-profit, large convention at the GRBCC or a major, city-wide event, you may be eligible to use the on-street banners poles.  Expenses include fabrication and install/removal costs. Please note that if there are District banners up, you may be required to incur the expense of removing and reinstalling per the needs of the Downtown District.
  • Banner Policy & Specifications
  • Banner Locations Map



The District now cares for nearly 2,000 street trees, flower planters and landscape beds as well as operating a street banner program that is part of the transformation of Downtown’s pedestrian environment.



Each year the Downtown District works with the Operations team on the deployment of the Holiday Décor program along Main Street.